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Russell Hoeflich

The Artist

I have a Bachelors degree in Fine Art with a focus on Painting and Drawing. I also have some experience with Industrial Design (working with Hasbro and Colorforms. This range allows me to use a variety of styles and techniques to create the illustration that fits a client's need whether it be realistic or abstract, cartoonish or painterly.

The Designer

I find logo design to be the most challenging and interesting type of work. It's hard to create a great logo because it needs to be simple, yet convey the information that the client wants to portray and it should be easily recognizable at a quick glance. I like to give clients several options, creating both horizontal and square designs for uses in a variety of applications.

The Animator

I have worked as an animator/designer for The Ohio State University Athletic Department for several years. I primarily use Adobe After Effects to create messages, and other information based animations for the Video Boards. In the past few years, I've been delving into the world of 3D animation with Maya.

What's New

Wedding Videos

Here are a selection of videos from my wedding. The footage was shot by my photographer, Doug Melvin and his team who gave me all the raw footage for me to edit!  I can't thank Doug enough for the wonderful job they did filming our wedding!

Life Sports

Life Sports is a youth camp to help build character, open up possibilities and show kids a university experience through sports. Many of these kids have never been to a camp, and to experience a camp at The Ohio State University makes a strong impact on their world view. Swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, track and soccer are just a few of the many sports activities offered that help to teach teamwork and group building activities.