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I have worked as an animator/designer for The Ohio State University Athletic Department for several years. I primarily use Adobe After Effects to create messages, and other information based animations for the Video Boards. In the past year, I've been delving into the world of 3D animation with Maya.

Selecting a Career - Student Life

The Ohio State University, Office of Student Life, asked me to produce this animation, discussing major selection and how it effects possible career choices. The characters were created in Adobe Illustrator, backgrounds in Photoshop, animated in After Effects, and edited together in Premiere.

Bobblehead Race

The Bobblehead Race was created to promote AT&T text messaging. The concept is that cell phone users at the game will text in their guess at who will win the Bobblehead Race. To create this feature, I shot images of two cheerleaders, two band members, and Brutus in front of a green screen. I then altered them to make them look like bobbleheads. The backgrounds were also altered to look "toy-like" so that the end product had kind of a surreal animated quality to it.