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Scarlet Avenger

Scarlet Avenger

The Scarlet Avenger came from a meeting with a co-worker, Beth Malafa, where the two of us were trying to come up with a fun interactive piece for football. The concept is a bit of an Adam West, Batman, spoof where Brutus faces off with the opposing mascot every week.

I designed the characters, created the storyboards and animations, and edited this piece together. Special thanks to "Commissioner" Archie Griffin and Tim Lewis who provided the narration. I would also like to thank Craig Brown who helped me with the background designs and Beth Malafa who helped me develop the story!

Vs. Images


Brutus vs. Zippy

Brutus vs. Rocky

Brutus vs. Chip

Brutus vs. Sparty

Brutus vs. Bucky

Brutus vs. The Hoosier

Brutus vs. The Nittany Lion