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Logo Design

Logo Design

I find logo design to be the most challenging and interesting type of work. It's hard to create a good logo. A good logo needs to be simple, yet convey the information that the client wants to portray. A good logo should be easily recognizable at a quick glance. I like to give clients several options, creating both horizontal and square designs for uses in a variety of applications.

The design process of a logo requires a lot of back and forth, initially providing the client with several options. From there, the client can choose the options they prefer and make changes until the final logo is approved. The logo could change several times before final approval.


This logo was created for the Army, Bravo 2-43 unit based out of El Paso, Texas. They were looking for a really tough guy destroying an Iranian Missile.

Buckeyes Got Talent

This logo was created for the Ohio State Athletic Department Student Athlete Talent Show. The talent show stars the student athletes of Ohio State and takes place every spring to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus.