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Football Open

Football Open

This 2002 Football Open Video is the first football open I ever worked on. I helped create this video with fellow members of the Ohio State staff. We experimented with rotoscoping in After Effects to create most of the effects. It was a long and grueling process but the outcome was worthwhile.


The Football Open Video for 2005 was the first time we expanded to fill the entire shape of the board. The problem is, all our footage was 16x9 and the board is much wider than that. As a solution, I decided to put multiple clips up at once. This video was primarily made with After Effects and some Avid.


The Football Open Video for 2006 is similar to the 2005 video in that I placed multiple clips up at the same time to fill the board. I really like the pacing and energy of this one better and it was more successful in my eyes. However, this is the last time we take this approach. This video was primarily made with After Effects and some Avid.

Here is the open video for the 2009 Ohio State football game vs. Navy. This video was made with Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. Paul Keels did the narration. This video played right before kickoff on the Ohio Stadium Video Board.