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Men's Basketball Open

Men's Basketball Open

This is the 2007 Men's Basketball Open Video. This video introduced a new feature at the Schottenstein Center which allows the arena to kill the lights. This was a surprise, the first time it ran, and the video cued the lights with Jamar Butler stating "Lights Out."



For the 2011-12 Season, we had new video and ribbon boards to play with. We also experimented with synchronization of those boards. Here is the General Open Video that I created.


Here is the Open Video that I created for the Indiana Game.


Here is the Open Video that I created for the Michigan State Game.


Here is the Open Video that I created for the Wisconsin Game.


8 side for 2012


Main for 2012


Kansas December 2012 (Live Version)


Main for Kansas December 2012


Main for Big Ten Season 2013

This is the last version of the Ohio State Men's Basketball Open Video. I made several versions throughout the season, altering the graphics and swapping out clips as new ones came in each game.

The closeups of the players were shot on a green screen and all the rain, lightning, fog, and breath was added in later with After Effects.

The videos on this page and all the clips contained within are the property of the Ohio State University.