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When I'm not working on Motion Graphics at Ohio State, I am editing video content for commercials, highlight videos, banquet videos, or entertaining content for the video boards. In the summer of 2009, I participated in my first 24 Hour Film Project and I look forward to doing more projects like it.

Wedding Videos

Here are a selection of videos from my wedding. The footage was shot by my photographer, Doug Melvin and his team who gave me all the raw footage for me to edit!  I can't thank Doug enough for the wonderful job they did filming our wedding!

Life Sports

Life Sports is a youth camp to help build character, open up possibilities and show kids a university experience through sports. Many of these kids have never been to a camp, and to experience a camp at The Ohio State University makes a strong impact on their world view. Swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, track and soccer are just a few of the many sports activities offered that help to teach teamwork and group building activities.