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Women's Soccer Commercial

Women's Soccer Commercial

Here are a selection of the Women's Soccer Commercials I've created over the years.

To promote the 2010, Ohio State Women's Soccer team, I was asked to create a commercial showcasing the team. I created storyboards, directed the shoot, created the graphics, including a 3d soccer ball, and edited the piece together.

Here is the final video. As you can tell, we deviated from the storyboards slightly, adding a 5th player and changing the last player touch to a bicycle kick, which is pretty sweet! The ball in the final two shots is a 3d animated ball that I added in post production.


For 2011, the theme was to focus on the hardwork of the team in preparation for the new season. I shot, edited, and created the graphics for these commercials.

Ohio State Soccer - Hard Work

Ohio State Soccer - Preparation


For the 2012 season, we explored the mental preparation the athletes go through before a game.

I liked the shot of them jumping in the tunnel so much, I decided to use just that shot as a second commercial.